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In-Person and Online Dog Training Services For Pet Parents in Los Angeles and Beyond

 The Sophisticated Dog is here to support you with both in-person and online training for you and your dogs and other pets. In-person sessions are offered to select clients in parts of the West Side of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura, and Montecito.

Have a new puppy, or maybe a long-standing behavior issue you really want to address?

Need training for a problem behavior that's making life harder for you?

Or do you just want to find things for you and your dog (or other pet) to do together?

Whatever your training needs, we are here for you!



  • Does your dog have trouble calming down?
  • Do you wish you could sit down to a meal in peace?
  • Are you embarrassed by your dog's behavior with guests?
  • Is every walk you have with your dog a struggle?

1:1 Online Coaching

Are you a dog owner in need of training services outside of our in-person service area? That’s OK! We can do all of our dog training sessions via video. Most dog training issues, including serious problems such as aggressive behavior and excessive barking, can be handled in an Online Dog Training program. Online coaching is flexible and convenient and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

1:1 Dog Training
The Sophisticated Dog

1:1 In-Person Coaching

Your behavior directly affects your dog’s behavior. In our 1:1 In-Person Coaching programs, we teach you how small everyday changes in your behavior can have a big impact on your dog’s behavior. Most coaching clients meet with us once a week, and only need to do formal training with their dog for a few minutes each day.

Dog Trainer Coaching

Are you a professional trainer who is struggling with a particularly difficult case? Do you need tips on how to work with clients? Do you just want to understand learning theory better? Irith is available for one-on-one consulting for fellow trainers for everything from basic business questions to tackling your most difficult cases.

Dog Training for Dog Trainers


Training other animals

Other Species

Irith regularly works with different kinds of household pets and is happy to help you with everything from introducing a new cat to your home, to teaching your rat to do “agility,” to quieting down your screaming parrot.

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event speaker


Irith is a sought-after speaker for national and international conferences and seminars. Topics include dealing with reactive behavior on leash, aggression in the home, raising a better puppy, and a host of other topics.

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Vic Gasser

Vic has always loved animals. As a child she caught the training bug with her first family dog, and has been fascinated with how animals think and learn ever since.

In the pursuit of becoming an amazing dog trainer, Vic earned her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behavior, Training, and Enrichment from Delaware Valley College.

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