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Dealing with Excess Barking (Demand Barking)

Demand barking is designed to get your attention. Unlike alert barking, it doesn’t usually relate to a change in the environment. Demand barking is basically your dog’s way of saying “Hey! Pay attention to me!” The best way to eliminate demand barking is to ignore it completely whenever it happens.

The Magic Ratio for Relationships

Clicker trainers and other positive reinforcement trainers spend their lives finding ways to say “yes” to their pets, rather than constantly saying “no.” Research shows that reinforcement is a more powerful tool for modifying behavior than punishment.

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Have a Happy and Safe 4th July With Your Pets

The 4th of July can be a lot of fun for you and your family – including your pets – but certain aspects of the holiday can put your pets under stress. The dangers of the holiday include over-exuberant guests, dehydration and sunburn (highs in the L.A. area may hit the 90s), overly rich food, toxic items such as matches and lighter fluid, and the noise from fireworks.

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