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Luring, Part 2: Fading the Lure

This post was contributed by my associate, Paul.  Interested in training with Paul? Contact us! What is "fading the lure"? Transitioning from using a lure to prompt a behavior to...

Luring, Part 1: Benefits and Pitfalls of Luring

This post was contributed by my associate, Paul.  Interested in training with Paul? Contact us! What is luring? One easy way to teach basic commands such as sit and down...

Is every dog trainer or behavior specialist the same?

You want to get the best possible training for your dog, but you don’t know where to start. There are so many options! Your friends, family, and veterinarian contradict each...

Teaching Your Dog and Cat to Get Along

Do your dogs and cats get along?  Some people have cats and dogs who live in harmony right from the start.  Others have to worry about opening the wrong door...

Preparing Your Dog for Post-Pandemic Life

These are exciting times!  The world is opening back up and soon life will be back to more-or-less normal.  Unfortunately, your dog may not be as happy about this news...

How teaching anxious dogs what to do can help them feel less anxious

Is your dog anxious?  In my position as a professional trainer, I see a lot of anxious behavior:  anxious behavior in dogs, anxious behavior in cats… even anxious behavior in...

Trails and your dog: Are you safe?

Many of you have probably seen the video of a man on a trail in Utah being chased by a cougar.  The video is pretty scary!  The cat continues to...

Environmental enrichment: How COVID-19 is teaching us the importance of choice-rich lives for our pets

Did you read my recent piece on how self-isolation gives us a bit of an insight into what our pets lives are like all the time [spoiler alert: their lives are...

How COVID-19 is teaching us about our dogs’ lives

You’re stuck at home, and it’s frustrating.  You can’t do all the things you normally do when you normally do them.  Some things you can’t do at all.  It’s no...
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