Dealing with Excessive Barking (Boredom Barking)


Boredom barking happens when a dog is bored. The best solution to boredom barking is to keep your dog more entertained. One good way to do this is to give your dog food toys, such as stuffed Kongs, or any of the Busy Buddy toys from Premier. You can even hide the food toys around the house, so your dog has to “hunt” for his or her food.

Consider feeding your dog all of his or her meals in food toys, rather than in a bowl, so that eating takes more mental and physical energy. The goal is to give your dog a job to do while you are out of the house or otherwise unavailable.

Boredom barkers can also benefit from more stimulation when you are around. Taking your dog on regular walks, playing games with him or her when you are home, and doing clicker training will help keep your dog’s brain pleasantly occupied.

For information about dealing with other types of barking, please continue to the next article in this series, “Dealing with excessive barking (Alert Barking).” If you started on this article, you may also want to read the introduction to this series of articles, “Dealing with Excessive Barking (Introduction).”



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