Corgi dog in field looking at camera

Give Them a Choice! How (and Why) Giving Dogs Options Improves Behavior

Dogs often have little choice and control in their daily lives.  This causes them stress, which can lead to problem behavior as well as stress-related ailments.  In other words, while it sounds paradoxical, over-controlling your dog’s life can make your dog harder to live with (and less healthy, too).  Join Irith Bloom to learn how (and why) providing choice to your dog can actually improve behavior.  She will explain the science behind the use of choice in animal training, discuss training techniques that increase choice for dogs, and give you tips for creating a choice-rich life that works for both you and your dog.

After this two-day seminar, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain why choice matters and how it relates to stress and behavior.
  • Analyze training techniques and real-life scenarios and evaluate their choice-richness.
  • Apply a variety of choice-rich training and management tools.
  • Create environments that promote greater choice.
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