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イリート・ブルームによる「トレーニング指導@オンラインとTAGティーチ」(Online Teaching and TAGteach)

NOTE: This event will be presented in Japanese! オンラインで効果的にトレーニング指導を行う方法』を学んでみませんか? 講師のイリート・ブルームはアメリカ国内外の飼い主さん向けに、動物のトレーニング指導をオンラインでも行っています。 ・日本語のLIVEウェビナーです ・レクチャー+LIVEデモンストレーション+実践練習の構成です ・当日は通訳/翻訳者の下川がアシストに入ります ・録画配信アリ 【TAGティーチャー継続教育プログラム(2023年①)】 一般の方の参加も大歓迎です(TAGティーチとは?この説明の最後で簡単に解説します) ウェビナーのトピックス – オンライントレーニングは効果的であるだけでなく、よりよい成果を上げることが可能 – 聞くことは、指導者にとって最も重要なスキルの1つ – 学習者にとって効果的なプランの作り方 参加費 TAGティーチャー(無料) 一般参加(3,000円) お問合せ・お申し込みは《》まで ・3/20(月)締め切り ・お申込み→ 参加費の送金先ご連絡→ ご入金の確認後 Zoom url ご連絡の流れです TAGティーチとは? 指導ポイントを『徹底的な細分化』することから始まる指導方法です。 成功ポイントが学習者自身に明確になることで、ストレスフリーな環境での学習が実現。 目標への到達も容易になります。 欧米では、幅広い分野での採用実績がある指導方法です。 例)動物トレーニング、各種スポーツコーチング、外科医研修、企業研修(現場技術研修、コミュニケーションスキル向上など)、自閉症児の療育etc. 「TAGティーチで『魔のイヤイヤ期』を乗り越えられました」という、子育て中の親御さんから感謝の声も届いています 詳しくお知りになりたい方は、ぜひ!kyoko.tagteach@gmail.comまでご連絡ください

2023 Aggression in Dogs Conference

Join the world’s foremost experts on aggression in dogs! Don’t miss out on the conference everyone is talking about!  You will learn from the world’s foremost experts on aggression in dogs, and can attend in-person or online. This event brings together specialists in aggressive behavior, veterinary behavior experts, shelter pros, and research scientists.  Come learn …

2023 Aggression in Dogs Conference Read More »

Give Them a Choice! How (and Why) Giving Dogs Options Improves Behavior

Dogs often have little choice and control in their daily lives.  This causes them stress, which can lead to problem behavior as well as stress-related ailments.  In other words, while it sounds paradoxical, over-controlling your dog’s life can make your dog harder to live with (and less healthy, too).  Join Irith Bloom to learn how …

Give Them a Choice! How (and Why) Giving Dogs Options Improves Behavior Read More »

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The 2023 Dog Behavior Conference

April 21 - April 23
Virtual / Remote
Puppy running across grassy area

The Power of Choice: How it Can Decrease Stress in Dogs

June 3 @ 9:00 am - June 4 @ 5:00 pm PDT
Master Peace Dog Training
264 Fisher Rd.
Franklin, MA 02038 United States
Corgi dog in field looking at camera

Give Them a Choice! How (and Why) Giving Dogs Options Improves Behavior

June 23 @ 9:00 am - June 24 @ 5:00 pm PDT
D.O.G. Obedience Group
3707 SW US HWY 40
Blue Springs, MO 64015 United States
Dog baring teeth

2023 Aggression in Dogs Conference

September 29 - October 1
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort
Ten Marriott Drive
Lincolnshire, IL 60069 United States

Cues Beyond Words and Gestures (Geek Week)

Virtual / Remote

When we hear the word "cue," we tend to think of a word or gesture from a handler that lets an animal know what behavior is desired at that moment. There's a lot more to cueing than just that, though! There are so many ways to add, change, and use cues. Expanding our understanding of […]

Working with Clients: Tips from the Trenches (Geek Week)

Virtual / Remote

It’s a common story. You come up with a great plan that includes enrichment, management, and training and should resolve the pet's issues in just a few weeks. But the client refuses to do it, or acts enthusiastically but then does nothing. Bottom line: Nothing changes and the family is still frustrated. What’s a professional […]

The Power of Choice: How It Can Decrease Stress in Dogs

Virtual / Remote

Do you work with dogs who have big behavior issues and are stressed to the max? Do you want to learn more about how giving dogs choices can help decrease their stress and improve behavior? Do you want to add more to your toolbox for assessing and modifying behavior in stressed dogs? Join Irith Bloom, […]


Pet Professional Guild Geek Week 2021

  Interested in learning more about how to help your overly excitable pet?  Or need help getting your pet training clients on board? Check out Irith's sessions at the Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week 2021!  

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