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2022 Association of Professional Dog Trainers Annual Conference

Come, sit, stay, and learn! The 2022 APDT/CAPDT Conference will offer a variety of opportunities to learn. The 2022 APDT/CAPDT Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida, is a dynamic event for dedicated dog people who want to stay at the top of their game. The conference will take place at the Ocean Center Convention Center, a …

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Decoding Your Canine

Dogs Really Want a Choice

Part of the What Dogs Really Want Masterclass, this interview touches on how to provide more choice to the animals we live with.

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2022 Association of Professional Dog Trainers Annual Conference

October 18 - October 21
Daytona Beach Ocean Center
101 N Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118 United States

Cues Beyond Words and Gestures (Geek Week)

Virtual / Remote

When we hear the word "cue," we tend to think of a word or gesture from a handler that lets an animal know what behavior is desired at that moment. There's a lot more to cueing than just that, though! There are so many ways to add, change, and use cues. Expanding our understanding of […]

Working with Clients: Tips from the Trenches (Geek Week)

Virtual / Remote

It’s a common story. You come up with a great plan that includes enrichment, management, and training and should resolve the pet's issues in just a few weeks. But the client refuses to do it, or acts enthusiastically but then does nothing. Bottom line: Nothing changes and the family is still frustrated. What’s a professional […]

The Power of Choice: How It Can Decrease Stress in Dogs

Virtual / Remote

Do you work with dogs who have big behavior issues and are stressed to the max? Do you want to learn more about how giving dogs choices can help decrease their stress and improve behavior? Do you want to add more to your toolbox for assessing and modifying behavior in stressed dogs? Join Irith Bloom, […]


Pet Professional Guild Geek Week 2021

  Interested in learning more about how to help your overly excitable pet?  Or need help getting your pet training clients on board? Check out Irith's sessions at the Pet Professional Guild's Geek Week 2021!  

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