Online dog training & behavior help: Does it work?

So your dog (or other pet) is driving you crazy.  Maybe he barks at people or other dogs.  Maybe she’s never learned to settle down quietly during dinner.  Or maybe he embarrasses you by jumping on every person who enters your home.  If you live far from a certified trainer or have a pet with a specific behavior challenge, it may seem like there’s nothing you can do.

The good news is that there is an option for getting help right away: live online video sessions!  While in-person training is a fantastic option, it’s not always available.  Fortunately, virtual training sessions with a professional can yield great results.  Here’s how:

We can see each other, practice training, and even share additional materials on a video call.

Training takes place in real time, using a video meeting tool.  We can see each other and discuss things live!  I can demonstrate skills for you or we can watch video examples of what the training looks like.  And I can give you real-time feedback as you practice.

Sometimes people worry that a trainer can’t help unless he or she sees the problem behavior in person.  But I don’t need to see the problem behavior to help you.  In fact, in some cases (e.g., with a dog who bites), I don’t ever want that behavior to happen again, so why would I want to see it?  Even if we were meeting in-person, I’d only ask you to describe the problem behavior (rather than making your dog do the wrong thing).  A certified behavior consultant can use that kind of information to create a training plan; no scary real-life demos required!

I’m not there to stress or distract your dog.

Some dogs get anxious, agitated, overexcited, or even aggressive when guests arrive.  Since I am not showing up at your door in-person, your dog will stay calmer.  Calmer dogs learn better.  (Think about how hard it can be to remember things when you’re in an examination—that kind of anxiety affects our dogs’ learning too!)

I’ve also heard people complain that their dog, who is normally a nightmare, acts perfect when the trainer is around (kind of like the car that won’t make the noise when you take it to the mechanic).  Virtual training means I’m not there to “signal” to your dog that things are different, so I’ll see his normal behavior.  I’m also not there to distract him, so he can give you his full focus during training.

In the end, the dog needs to do it for you (not me).

It’s possible I can teach your dog a behavior faster than you can, but even if I can, so what?  I don’t live with your dog.  How your dog behaves around me isn’t important.  What matters is whether the dog will do the right behavior for you!

Without me as a distraction, you will also know right away if a technique works for you or not.  If your dog is doing the right things, that tells us the training is on the right track.  If things aren’t going smoothly, I can help you adjust what you are doing.  And when you practice after our session, the training should work just as well as during our session, since nothing’s changed from your dog’s point of view, right?

Sessions are recorded and you get notes, too!

I record our online video sessions, so you have a fantastic reference tool.  I also take notes on what we discuss, and jot down tips and tricks for you to focus on as you practice.  You’ll receive these after each session, so you and your dog can stay on track with your training.

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