"I can't thank you enough for looking at Ebba holistically and giving us a wealth of tools to help her with her reactivity. I've already mentioned you to many of our friends and I'll continue to do so.”
Laura D.
“Irith's presentation on the "Imitation Game" is fantastic for both the casual dog training geek and the serious professional trainer. She presents the information in an engaging and relatable manner, and ensures that each team is successful. She also keeps the auditors involved with the learning process of those in working spots, so everyone goes home fully understanding the process. Irith shows empathy during any struggles while providing constructive feedback, and also genuinely celebrates everyone's successes with them.

The "Imitation Game" is a test of patience for both dog and human, but also an incredible tool in teaching perspective (both philosophical and visual) and fine-tuning one's communication with one's dog. My bond has been further strengthened with my dog, and I can't wait to see where our new knowledge will take us!

If you have the opportunity to attend this course (whether as a working spot or as an auditor), don't pass it up. If you have an opportunity to take any other course with Irith, don't pass it up. Irith is such a fantastic presenter that as I told a friend, I would pay to listen to her describe paint drying - she is a gift to the dog training world!”
Laura D.
“I was so happy to see Softy [our dog] make friends so quickly, and to begin to understand how to help her with introductions. I am very grateful for you helping us, we have tried about 5 trainers and it’s such a relief to finally find someone I know can help us.”
Rosalie Benitez
“You're the best! We tell everyone you're the real dog whisperer.”
Noah Steinberg
"Our family is tremendously grateful for Irith’s help with our two Australian Shepherds. She’s taught us techniques involving positive reinforcement that have successfully redirected our dogs’ sometimes challenging habits.

Irith's deep insights into dog behavior make her a truly sophisticated expert. We feel fortunate to have such a kind and supportive professional assisting us.”
"I have been using your technique when we eat—I make her sit next to me and throw her treats and keep her under my control…it works well…a make-shift treat machine…you really helped me!!! And Nora jumps in and out of the car like a pro!
Anne Peters
"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in the past 15 months. You have been such a godsend and I’m so grateful that I found you. You have taught Freeway and myself so much and we are definitely the better for it!

Freeway and I promise to continue to use the tools you gave us. We know this is a lifetime commitment/journey. We also know that you will always be there for us if we stumble. I also want you to know that I tell everyone how great you are and how you changed our lives. I will continue to do so. And in the future when/if we get another dog you are going to be one of my first calls!!! I’m going to start off on the right foot with the next one immediately.

Actually you would have been very proud of Freeway today. When we went to Healthy Spot for grooming we encountered two dogs as soon as we walked in that immediately started to bark at us. I could feel Freeway tense but I said “yip” and he calmly turned then took the treat and we walked around the counter away from the dogs very politely. No fuss no muss. All the sales girls who know of Freeway’s issue were so impressed.

So again thank you for giving me the tools to handle such situations. I’m eternally grateful."
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