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Dog Training Tips
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How COVID-19 is teaching us about our dogs’ lives

You’re stuck at home, and it’s frustrating.  You can’t do all the things you normally do when you normally do them.  Some things you can’t do at all.  It’s no...

Canine Co-workers: The number one dog training tip for people who work from home

More people are working from home than ever before. Are you one of them? While the extra-short commute from your breakfast table to your desk is great, transforming your home...

Help! I have to self-isolate, but I need to socialize my puppy! (a.k.a. Puppy Socialization in the Time of COVID-19)

Congratulations, sort of!  You just got a new puppy! But now COVID is all anyone can think about and you’re being told to self-isolate.  You have only a short time...

Online dog training & behavior help: Does it work?

So your dog (or other pet) is driving you crazy.  Maybe he barks at people or other dogs.  Maybe she’s never learned to settle down quietly during dinner.  Or maybe...

Puppy Socialization With People

Your new puppy has arrived, and you want to do everything you can to help him grow up into a great companion. Most people think about teaching sit, down, stay,...

Dealing with Excessive Barking (Anxious Barking)

Anxious barking is caused by anxiety or fear, and often happens when a dog sees a "trigger" such as a stranger, another dog, or a motorcycle. To stop anxious barking,...

Dealing with Excess Barking (Demand Barking)

Why demand barking happens Demand barking is designed to get your attention. Unlike alert barking, it doesn't usually relate to a change in the environment. Demand barking is basically your...

Dealing with Excessive Barking (Alert Barking)

Alert barking occurs when your dog perceives a change in the environment. Dogs who alert bark excessively are often reacting to triggers around the home, such as birds, cars, and...

Dealing with Excessive Barking (Boredom Barking)

Boredom barking happens when a dog is bored. The best solution to boredom barking is to keep your dog more entertained. One good way to do this is to give...
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