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Dog Training Tips
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Dealing with Excessive Barking (Alert Barking)

Alert barking occurs when your dog perceives a change in the environment. Dogs who alert bark excessively are often reacting to triggers around the home, such as birds, cars, and...

Dealing with Excessive Barking (Boredom Barking)

Boredom barking happens when a dog is bored. The best solution to boredom barking is to keep your dog more entertained. One good way to do this is to give...

Dealing with Excessive Barking (Introduction)

Barking is a natural dog behavior. In fact, it's theorized that one of the reasons early humans kept dogs was their barking, which alerted the humans to predators. Some barking...

The Magic Ratio for Relationships

Clicker trainers and other positive reinforcement trainers spend their lives finding ways to say "yes" to their pets, rather than constantly saying "no." B.F. Skinner's research led him to conclude...

Best Clicker Training: Capturing

One of the easiest ways to use a clicker is to capture behavior an animal already does naturally. Here's a thumbnail sketch of how to do it. Charge the clicker...

Clicker Training – Technique and Philosophy (Part 2: Philosophy)

Clicker training encompasses both a technique and a philosophy. Part 1 of this article discussed the basic technique of clicker training. Part II of this article discusses the philosophy behind...

Clicker Training – Technique and Philosophy (Part 1: Technique)

"Clicker training" has become something of a buzzword, and people all over the world are using clickers in their training. While this is an encouraging trend, many people don't realize...

Adopting a Pet in L.A. (Part 5: Common Pets)

This column recently featured a series of articles on adopting and choosing a pet. This companion article features a quick overview of a few of the more common types of...

Adopting a Pet in L.A. (Part 4: The Right Pet)

There are many options for adding a pet to your household, including purchasing from a responsible breeder, getting a pet from a rescue organization, and adopting from a local shelter....

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