1:1 Online Training

The Sophisticated Dog

Initial Consultation:

All Online Training programs start with an Initial Consultation. This 75 to 90 minute training session gives me a chance to meet you and your pet(s) and learn more about your goals. The online Initial Consultation, which is $349, tends to be a little more talk and a little less action than other training sessions, since I need to make sure I understand your needs, but rest assured actual training will happen too! After the Initial Online Training Consultation, you will receive a report on what we discussed, as well as specific notes on how to get started training your dog or other pet.

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Online Training programs are great for a wide variety of dog (or other pet) behavior issues and training goals. The main difference between Online and In-Person Training Programs is that Online Training is done remotely, using live, online video.

Online Training Programs work well for any kind of dog (or other pet) behavior or training need, but they are especially great for dogs who are nervous about strangers, or dogs who always seem to be perfect when the trainer is there, but then go back to their old tricks as soon as the trainer leaves.

Online Training sessions use a combination of real-time video (Paul or Irith and you on camera) and pre-recorded videos that demonstrate specific techniques and skills.

Online training sessions after the Initial Consultation are $199 per session with Irith.  Follow-up sessions with Paul are $179 per session when sessions are purchased individually. You can also pre-purchase a package of five follow-up sessions with Paul for $791 (a savings of over $100), or a package of ten follow-up sessions with Paul for $1349 (a savings of nearly $450).

NOTE: All prices are in U.S. Dollars. Follow-up sessions last between about 50 and 55 minutes. Online Training is offered on weekdays (Pacific time) for clients anywhere in the world.

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